Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Side effects...

   We have been switching back and forth this cycle between Bravelle and Gonal F.  The up side is that we have gotten better results, the downside is the side effects.    Last cycle, while I was using only the Bravelle, I found it very difficult to get to sleep, but what sleep I did get was restful and was enough to keep me going.   This cycle the difficulties with sleeping are amplified, which makes sense, considering that we doubled the Bravelle dosage.   It takes me hours to fall asleep and then I wake up with hot flashes that make me want to peel my skin off.   I was dealing with this and managing to hold it together until we added in the Gonal F.   Within the first hour of the first injection, I was ready for a nap, absolutely exhausted, yet I couldn't fall asleep.  Considering that I do all my injections first thing in the morning, I should have known it was a bad sign!  This has gone on for almost a week.   I am averaging about 2-3 hours of sleep a night.   I am soooo tired!  
   Also, last cycle I had absolutely no bruising at the injection sites.   This time?  My stomach is covered with yellow, green and purple bruises that hurt to touch, let alone stick a needle into!   Also, the skin around the injection sites is getting oddly dry and rough.  My skin is not healing as well from the injections, either, so I am beginning to resemble a much loved pincushion.  
   I am also very uncomfortably bloated, I am hoping that just means the follicles are growing and doing their thing, but I somehow doubt it.   Add in that it's time for spring allergies and I am one miserable, tired, hormonal grump!
  As I sit around the house doing nothing because I a so uncomfortable and tired, all I can think about is the garden that needs put in, the laundry waiting to be washed, the dogs needing walked etc.  Yet, I just cannot bring myself to do any of it.  I feel as though a stiff breeze would be enough to make me cry right now.  I am afraid that if I started crying right now, that I wouldn't stop.  I hate feeling this helpless....this fragile. 


Dandelion Breeze said...

Know what you mean about Gonal-F... I'm exhausted and can't sleep either !! Hope this cycle works out for us... FXd for you xoxo

sass @ (In)fertility Unexplained said...

Looking at my pricked and bruised belly always made me cry-laugh. I'm sorry your side effects are worse this time. Hang in there! It won't be long now.