Thursday, August 7, 2008

The trees are gone!

Well, this post will sadly have no pictures, because I keep forgetting to buy more batteries for the camera. If I could I would show all of you before and after pictures of our back yard, because over the last two weekends, it has under gone quite the transformation. Some of you may remember the tall, twisted and gnarled apricot tree, and the two poorly pruned, sad-looking apple trees that were growing under the power lines in our back yard. They are no more! After a morning of chainsaw work (Thanks Kenny and Nathan!), we said goodbye to all three of those trees as well as the dead aspen in our front yard. The next weekend was filled with loading all the branches into a dump truck to be hauled away. Our yard looks so much bigger now, It's amazing! The down sides are that we now have tree stumps to dig out, and without the shade of the trees, the grass underneath went into shock and died in a matter of days. I figure that planting some seed and doing the digging can both wait for cooler weather. We not only gained a bigger yard (seemingly so), but now we have firewood stacked up for use in a year or two, and we no longer have to clean up rotten apples and apricots every fall!