Monday, March 8, 2010

In progress.....

I think that anyone that has ever embarked on a home improvement project has realized that one project ALWAYS leads to another. This time, it all began with a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond in search of a pasta maker for Reecie's birthday gift.
While there, I happened to find a bathroom cabinet that was exactly what I had wanted, and had been trying to find for the past year. The best part? It was 75% off the original price. However, much to my dismay, upon getting it home, it was quickly discovered that it would not fit. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband that is also very handy and found a way to make it work. So of course, installing it resulted in needing to install a bathroom fan.......and a new light fixture. The mirror that I had set aside months ago to replace the old medicine cabinet is next to be installed, painting is also on the agenda. We also have plans for a new sink and vanity, but have to look at flooring solutions first! of course, I once again forgot to take before pictures, but here are some pictures of where we are right now, in the middle of the project.