Monday, November 23, 2009

Windows 7 Pre release party

So, back in October, our friend Alex won a contest with windows 7 where he could get a free pre release copy if he threw a party when the product came out. So we threw together some food at our house and had a blast being the uber nerds that we are!

Fall is officially here!

Fall can't start until a leaf pile is jumped in! So when we were out walking the dogs with the G. family kids, and saw a neighbor with nine giant bags of leaves, we brought them home. Admittedly, I wanted the leaves for the compost pile and gardens....but they were fun before they got there!

New Furbaby

Once again we have a new furbaby. This time it is a terrier mix puppy named Willow. She is a sweetheart. We are having a few issues with housetraining, but for the most part she has been a joy. The decision to get her was based on our older dog Mazie getting mildly aggressive due to boredom as a result of our decreased time to play due to school and other obligations. Mazie's behavioral issue has disappeared with the arrival of a playmate and we all have someone new to love!