Sunday, January 6, 2013

So far.....

I was finally able to talk with our clinic and I was given such great news!   First off, Mark's results were in, and let's just say that he was a total rockstar!  After his last slightly abnormal results, we were afraid that we were going to need to do ICSI, but it seems like we have dodged that bullet.  
Secondly, the IVF coordinator was able to calm my nerves regarding doing the hysteroscopy so close to the IVF.   Apparently, there is some research that indicates that it improves pregnancy success rates when done the same cycle.   I will take anything that I can get at this point, but I never thought that I would be thankful for a uterine polyp!

Right now, I only have two more days of the birth control, and three more days of the doxycycline.  Then the real drugs begin!

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sass @ (In)fertility Unexplained said...

Glad to hear things are going better. Fingers crossed!