Monday, January 21, 2013

The egg retrieval

Again this post may be a little too much information for some, but it is meant as a record for my sake.


29 eggs.  Wow. 

I am feeling a little overwhelmed about 29 eggs being retrieved today.  I can't help thinking that it is no wonder I hurt before the procedure!   The retrieval process was very straight forward and relatively non stressful.  It was also faster that I expected it to be.   I spent vastly more time recovering from the anaesthesia than the retrieval actually took.

So, not to scare anyone that will be going in for a retrieval, hurt, a lot.   The first thing that I was aware of when I first woke up was that I hurt.   Like a nine out of ten on the pain scale kind of hurt.   A heating pad across my stomach helped some, but the thing that helped the most?   Emptying my bladder.  I currently have a very mild case of OHSS, in fact I had fluid in my abdomen before we even left the clinic.   So I have to measure all fluid intakes and outputs.   I know, gross.   Even worse?   The first output after the procedure was scary brown sludge, dying of dehydration dark.   It seems to have resolved itself, but it really freaked me out.  I am thinking that it may have been from an antibiotic ointment or something that was used during retrieval, any other ideas?

I still really hurt, and that is after two regular tylenol and one prescription tylenol plus codine.  So far the drugs have just taken the sharpest edge off the pain.  I would say that I'm at about a seven on the pain scale still.  The heating pad, couch and netflix have been my best friends.   For the OHSS, I have to drink lots of gatorade, in fact I am not allowed regular water.   I am also supposed to have thirty grams of whey protein twice a day.   Smoothie anyone? 

We will get our fertilization report tomorrow, and I am going to bed until then!


robin said...

Wowowow that is amazing!!!! I hope you heal quickly <3

Lya said...

Woooowww!!! 29- that is fantastic! Congrats! I hope you feel better soon!
This is the third retrieval story I've read today and the third one that involved a lot of pain. Eventhough it scares the crap out of me I'm kind of thankful to know what to expect.
FX for a great report tomorrow!

jAllen said...

Wow, ER of 29 eggs and you had time to stop by my blog! That means a lot!

Stephanie Berman said...

29 eggs! Wow! No wonder you're in pain! I hope you're doing much better this morning!

Gypsy Mama said...

Wow 29 eggs!! That's great! It sucks that you are in so much pain but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. Gotta love the netflix for recovery, I swear I watched hours upon hours of movies while I was waiting

Anonymous said...

Iodine causing discoloration... Reddish brown disinfectant. Congrats on the procedure! Are you feeling any better yet?

Megan said...

29! Awesome job! It's amazing how productive ovaries can be when properly motivated! :D