Monday, January 28, 2013

The frosties

I realized this morning that I have neglected to write about how many snow babies we have now!  When we arrived at the clinic for the transfer we found out that we had eight beautiful blasts the were all high quality and suitable for transfer.  We also had six that had not quite made it to blastocyst, that we were going to give a wee bit more time.   As of this morning, after everything was said and done, we have six perfect 5 day blasts and two 6 day blasts frozen.   A total of eight snow babies!   Our progress looked like this:

29 eggs retrieved
25 eggs fertilized
24 embryos divided (20  right on track, 4 lagging a wee bit behind.)
14 left at day five
2 transferred
8 snow babies

I feel like knowing that we have some snow babies has taken a lot of the pressure off this cycle.   Yes, we will still be devastated if it doesn't work, but we have hope in the freezer so to speak!  I went into IVF promising myself that as long as we had some to freeze, I could be okay with a negative, I guess now I really get to find out if that is true.   Mark and I have already decided that this will be our only fresh cycle because of how very hard it was on me, so really having snow babies means a lot.

Do you know what would mean more?  If the babies we brought home would be sticky.  Please, be sticky babies.

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Lya said...

Congrats on the frosties! You definitely have something to work with in case you need to. But I hope you can keep them on ice for a while :)
I'm not quite sure how to phrase this but I like that you and your hubby have found your answer to the question "when/what is enough". Happy to hear that you both feel the same way.

And now I'm crossing my fingers for those little embies! Stick, babies stick!