Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It has been 3 days since our 5 day transfer and I am slowly driving myself insane.  I am doing all the typical things like debating whether or not I should test, and googling things like "3dp5dt symptoms".   This is my first day off of bed rest since the transfer (really the first day since the hysteroscopy!), but I am still supposed to take it "slow and easy" for another two days.   So far, the only thing I have accomplished is folding all the laundry that Mark washed while I was on bed rest and getting more in the washer.  Just doing that little has made me tired.  I think it is just a result of the progesterone and the fact that I was on bed rest for almost three weeks.....but in the back of my mind I keep wondering if it could be a symptom.  

Speaking of symptoms, I had more "pregnancy symptoms" before the transfer than I do now.   I realize that those symptoms were from the progesterone, but now they have mostly disappeared.   I am hoping that is a good thing, but honestly I would be a bit comforted by some nausea right now!  I keep obsessively looking for implantation bleeding, pondering every twinge and possible cramp, evaluating every food craving and examining my sleep patterns.  Sleep.  Sleep would be a very nice thing.   Until the transfer occurred I was sleeping about 15 hours a day and still felt tired, now I stare at the ceiling all night and still feel tired.  Go figure.  

Last night Mark officially dubbed our little embryos Bun and Muffin.  It tore at my heart to have him reveal so much as far as his hope for this cycle.  He has been keeping so much locked away, I think because he has been afraid to hope.  I think he will struggle more than I realized if this does not work.

Only seven more days until beta...be sticky, babies!

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