Friday, January 11, 2013

The Hysteroscopy Experience

Note:   this post is mostly so that I will remember the past couple days.  There may be a few more details than you want to read!

I had my hysteroscopy yesterday, and I am told that all went well.   The RE did find an extra little polyp hiding out on my cervix, as well as the one on my uterus that they were originally after.  Hopefully, that means that there will be no other surprises lurking around!   I have decided though that Timpanogos hospital is awesome!  The nurses were great, and the drugs were even better!   The anesthesiologist put the drugs in my IV before the bed was wheeled out of the prep room and I don't even remember getting to the hallway outside the room!   I woke up about four hours later and slowly worked through the fog to be able to go home.   It took a while for me to be released after I woke up because my oxygen stats kept dropping, but I eventually figured out that I needed to keep breathing even when I nodded off!    The sweetest thing was that every time I would slightly wake up during recovery, Mark was at my side, holding my hand and stroking my hair.  What an amazing husband I have! 
I have had relatively little pain from the actual surgery, but I have had other related complaints.   I woke up with the worst sore throat from being intubated, and a really nasty cough.  They are still bothering me 24 hours later, so I will just have to wait and see how long that persists.  The muscles in my calves, as well as my knees, are really achy from the compression sleeves that they use to prevent blood clots.  Funny story there, they didn't have any  sleeves that were short enough for my short person calves, so they had to go up over my knees.  As a result, stairs are tortuous right now, but after a few days, I should be back to normal.

Today, I had my follow up at the clinic.  I had a normal transvaginal ultrasound that revealed a lack of cysts, did the most painful pap smear EVER! and had my blood drawn for my E2 tests.   After all of that, we were given the green light to continue on with the cycle.   Consents were turned in, a horribly large amount of money was paid and instructions for injections were received.   Mark gave me the first follistim injection with the pen when we got back home this morning.  Almost immediately afterwards, I went back to bed and slept almost six hours.  I hope that doesn't become my life for the next couple weeks!

Does anyone have experience with using the overloaded amount in the pen injections?   Our nurse has us dialing our pen up to the full load amount of 350 iu even though it is considered only a 300 iu maximum injectible dose.   Anyone else instructed to do the same?  I was just a little worried, because even with doing that, there is still a wee bit of drug left in the cartridge.   Since i have been such a poor responder in the past, I want every drop of drug I can get!   Any advice?

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Lya said...

Glad to hear that the procedure went well ant that they took good care of you!
My clinic also instructed us to use to empty every drop of the pen. It is basically free stuff. I can't quite remember the exact amount that we got out of there but your description sounds about right.
Good luck my dear.