Saturday, February 2, 2013


This post will be a little too much information for some of you!  Feel free to skip it!   This is a forum for me to get out my emotions so some times the details include a little over sharing!

I still have not gotten a positive home pregnancy test, however, I also have not tested since 6dp5dt.  I decided to stop torturing myself.   Today it has been really difficult to keep the hope alive.  I began spotting today....just the teensiest amount.  I'm worried, but not too worried at this point.   It could possibly still work out, but the shadow of doubt is there.  We had a family dinner planned for this evening, but I just was not up to it emotionally.   I cried for almost two hours last night.  As soon as Mark and I crawled into bed the waterworks started.  Mark was amazing as always.  He really is my rock.  Though, I think he was surprised when the tears began again first thing this morning and continued intermittently through the day.    This has been the first time during this IVF cycle that I have felt like I have had no control over my emotions.   

I wish it wasn't the weekend so I could try to go in for an early beta.   I still have two and a half days to wait for the blood draw.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!


wherethebleepisourstork said...

Love following your blog! I have nominated your for the Liebster Award. You can find the info on my page, under the post titled "I would like to thank..."

Lya said...

I'm sorry that your body is playing tricks on you. Still keeping everything crossed for you though!