Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It feels as though we are in a flux of transitions right now.   Absolutely everything seems to be in the process of changing for the better.

We are at the transition in time where it is too cold for most spring gardening, but too warm to not desire to get my hands dirty.   I started many of my veggies from seed months ago, and the plants are eagerly awaiting the great outdoors.   I know that the sun just makes me freckle, but I can't seem to get enough of it lately!

Mark is also transitioning to a new job...again.   I know!  He has only been with his current company for four weeks or so.   However, he has been offered a job that pays $15 an hour more, and has  much better benefits.   It's hard to turn that kind of money down especially when we are paying for fertility treatments out of pocket!   The downside is that he will have to stay in company provided housing four days a week because the job site is about two and a half hours away.  At least the company is working four ten hour shifts so that all the men get an extra day home with their families every weekend.

 Any day now, CD 1 will arrive and we will transition into a new cycle.  I am scared, excited and more apprehensive than I was last cycle.   I so badly wanted to be one of those girls in the infertility world.   You know?  Those girls that get pregnant their first IUI cycle, with no complications from meds and an easy uneventful pregnancy.  I really don't quite feel ready to dive into the ultrasounds, appointments and injections again.  In fact, I think I am approaching a place where I am ready to be done, and move on.   Mark's not there, though.   We have talked about doing three IUI cycles and then revisiting the topic of stopping treatment.

I guess that's another transition that is slowly occurring, isn't it?  


sass @ (In)fertility Unexplained said...

Congratulations on the job! That's wonderful news (although maybe not the part about it being so far away).

I know this is a difficult journey, but I've learned that at least for me, it's better not to worry about what we'll try next (or not) until we reach that step - otherwise I end up filled with anxiety and sadness.

I hope things keep looking up for you!

DandelionBreeze... aka NYMum said...

Transitions can be so hard... and I find it hard to make big decisions at the very beginning or end of a cycle... see what the future holds by following your heart xoxo

Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up said...

Great to meet you! Good luck as you transition to your husband being gone so much during the week. :-)