Thursday, March 15, 2012

of ultrasounds and tree stumps.....

The time has come to talk of cabbages and kings...or rather tree stumps and ultrasounds.

Mark has had some extra time at home this past week so we have been spending the time in true spring fashion and have been hitting the yard work. Today found us pulling out tree stumps from the yard. Two down and only three more to go! Earlier in the week we were putting in stepping stones and mulching the strawberry bed. Nothing quite says spring like getting your hands dirty!

In other news, today is cycle day 1! This means that tomorrow I get the luxury of my first baseline ultrasound as well as getting my blood drawn a few times. Such is life, eh? I am nervous, but also very excited because now we can actually start progressing with cycle instead of just waiting. Patience has never been my strong point!

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