Tuesday, March 20, 2012

here we go again!

Mark has been laid off. Again. We have just barely recovered from the last lay off, and this time we are in the middle of an IUI cycle.

Strangely, I am not overly worried about the lack of income, I'm worried about the IUI being successful. It just seems so crazy to intentionally get pregnant (hopefully!) while we have no income. A part of me wants to just cancel the IUI and call this a clomid cycle......but, I turn 29 in less than a week. The biological clock is ticking louder than it ever has before. We have money in savings, a renter, fewer debts than last lay off and Mark might qualify for unemployment. We have always had enough, even during our last LONG stint of unemployment. It just hasn't always been easy. Adding the stress of a potential pregnancy, and the costs of the IUI seems as if it should be a bad idea. I just.......can't bring myself to feel that way. A part of me feels as if we would never get back to where we are in our fertility journey if we were to back away now. It has certainly taken us long enough to get this far!

Should we cancel this cycle to save the money.......or should we use it while we have it and hope for the best? I just don't know.

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Katie said...

Don't quit! I know this is a week late and you kept going, but I want to encourage you to just go if you can afford to. It took me and hubby 4 years to get pg (3 of which seeing an RE) because he kept getting laid off and we would have the waiting of getting new insurance and whatnot. I got PG on my first IUI cycle with DS. The timing was right for us, but I sometimes think where we would be if we could have kept going instead of having to start over every 9 months or so.

I hope your husband gets a new job quickly!