Saturday, March 24, 2012

Follicles? Ha!

Yesterday was my follicle check and things were abysmal. I don't have any numbers or measurements to report because after I was told "there's not much going on on either ovary", I was afraid to ask. That being said I have a new protocol. Let's here it for plans changing last minute! I now get to have three more doses of bravelle. I go back in to have a follicle check in a week.

Here's the thing though, that means that the earliest that I would trigger would be cycle day 15. It seems like most people trigger between CD 12-14. Anyone trigger CD 15 or later?


Katie said...

I have only ever triggered on day 15 twice...when I got PG with my son, and last cycle. I usually start injections day 5 and am on them for at least 14 or 15 days. Yesterday was my 24th day of injections this cycle. I will be opening my 6th box of gonal F tonight. Don't feel bad if you aren't "on schedule". I have girls in one online forum that have lapped me already and are onto their next cycle.

Hope this helps you! I definitely can relate to the frustration! HUGS!

Katie said...

I was just looking at some of your older posts and realized you are in UT. I am from UT! That is cool!

peg said...

The only time I've done a trigger, they had me trigger on CD 12. A friend who was doing IUI a few months back found that Clomid was delaying her cycle and she was consistently triggering between CD 17-19. I've read of other women in that situation. I'm on Clomid (untracked this month) and it's CD 16 for me and still no pos OPK - it's making me mental.

I'm sorry your ovaries are playing such bad games with you! When I had a tracked cycle in October, I nearly broke down crying that I had one good folllicle - one is all you need right? But in my mind, the meds should have given me at least two!

IF sucks!

Amy said...

I didn't do an injection cycle, but I'm always on the late side (one of the reasons none of my doctors caught a luteral phase defect). Not sure if that's entirely helpful, but maybe. Thanks for the well wishes and right back at you!