Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The new RE

Today was the big day. I met with our new RE this morning. He seems to think that I just need a little more help in the ovulation department than what clomid alone can give me. In fact, he feels that at this time IVF would not be a good option, and that we should explore less invasive options first. The trans vaginal ultrasound that I was freaking out about was A LOT less horrible than it sounds! However, both ovaries are completely riddled with cysts. It was really interesting to see as well as heartbreaking. At this point I start taking metformin again and provera. I have to do a blood draw on cycle day 2 as well as a baseline ultrasound (eww...). Cycle day 7 I get the joy of an HSG test. This one REALLY has me terrified after reading the comments from this post. The plan is to try a cycle or two with clomid and follicle stimulating hormone to see if I can get enough hormones to trigger ovulate. Wish us luck!

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