Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Resolutions

I am a goal setter.....but not necessarily a goal meeter. So this year my resolutions are going to be a little less all or nothing. Hopefully that will give me a chance to succeed a little more easily!

  1. Be more patient. I struggle with being patient with people. It is a skill that I have improved greatly over the years, but I am still not where I want to be.
  2. Get Dressed Six Days A Week. This a big one for me. I tend to hang out in pajamas, or work out clothes all day long when I know that I have no where to go, and only get dressed if I leave the house. Why am I only willing to look nice for people other than my husband? I think this will not only improve how Mark sees me, but how I see myself.
  3. Early to Bed and Early to Rise. Over the last year I have gotten into the habit of sleeping until eight or finish and the staying up past midnight. While my schedule allows for this, it also means that Mark is staying up too late in order to spend time with me, and he is often going to bed alone. Not anymore....which leads me to my next goal.
  4. Live Intentionally. With the absence of kids in our home, it has been easier to just go with the flow and have no routine and no real purpose. I want to live more fully, more for the moment.
  5. Hold Hands More. No, not yours! Mark and I have always been hand holders, but it seems as though we have been neglecting the little day to day romances. I blame it on the stress of infertility treatments and the way that it turns romance clinical. It's time for us to change that!

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Trish said...

Hi, I'm not even sure how I found your blog but, it is a great find for me! Myself and my husband are going through the same thing, although we haven't done fertility treatments, yet, we've struggled for years.

I have felt the same way, struggling to find purpose when all I wanted to do and be was a mom. When that's not there, somehow you lose yourself trying to find meaning in other things. I'm still working on that.

Love to know more. Thanks for this!