Thursday, November 17, 2011

How we are paying for IVF

Our goal is to find a way to fully fund our IVF within the next six months. We are going to:
  1. Have a boarder, this puts $600.00 a month into savings.
  2. Continue to save from paychecks, this adds $600.00 a month to savings at least.
  3. Mark may be able to put in some serious overtime, we will find out on Monday.
  4. A yard sale.
  5. There may be side jobs that Mark can do.
  6. Tax returns.
  7. I may pick up some babysitting jobs.
  8. Sell extra books on
I still worry that this will not be enough, however, I feel better just knowing that we have a plan. Any other creative ideas out there?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I clicked over from the ICLW list. I think you have some great ideas on raising money! The only other thing I can think of is, saving money on holiday shopping by making gifts or doing "experience" gifts instead of buying things (cooking dinner for someone or giving them a free lesson in some skill you have).

Anonymous said...

We're in the process of saving up for IVF too, so this was really interesting to read! The number seems so high, but you're right, having a plan makes getting it seem much more realistic.

Jes G said...

i like your plan.... hoping you are able to save your pennies, and hoping your cycle is a success!!!

Belle said...

Hiya! Belle here from ICLW. Mr. Husband and I initially hoped to fund our IVF by selling stuff on e-bay. We sold $600 in pure junk in just a months time. It was amazing what people would buy! Also, Craigslist is awesome for selling stuff and making extra cash. Good luck on reaching your goal!