Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Fever?

Now that it is "officially" spring, I have been anxious to get out and get my hands dirty out in the yard. I have so many projects intended for this summer, and I am intimidated by the amount of time they will take. This weekend we dug out most of the lilac, rose and forsythia bushes that were lining the side fence in our back yard. I think both Mark and I are more drawn to an ease of upkeep type of gardening. So anything that needs constant fertilizing, trimming, dead heading and pruning is out! Also having them gone makes our yard seem tidier and larger.
As always we also have the vegetable garden to put in. Every year this is my greatest challenge because I want to put in about three times as many plants as the garden will comfortable hold, and about five times more than we can eat. I think I am going to approach this year differently. I am creating a layout plan in advance and am planning on sticking with it. I am also trying out nasturtium this year, I planted the seeds for the early crop this past week, using large patio containers. I'm really excited about these, I think it will be fun to have bright colorful flowers to throw into our tossed salads.
Our third project is digging out 5 tree stumps, from the trees we cut out last year. I am not looking forward to that project at all. Yet, it will give us so much more use able space in our yard.
If there is enough time, and enough funds, we are also looking at replacing the back fence as well.
All of this brings me to wonder if all of this work is worth it. I mean, we recently had our home on the market, before deciding to stay so that the G family could live with us. So, after they are in their own place will we still want to stick around? If we don't will all this time, effort and money be worth it?

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