Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Fixes!

For any of you that may have ever been to my house and have had the great fortune to hear my pipes hum to you anytime the faucets turned on, or the dishwasher ran, or the clothes washer filled, or, or, or....The performances have come to an end...or so it seems! I am terrified of doing plumbing ourselves, because niether of us know anything about it. Sure, we can change a faucet, toilet flapper or shower head, but tracking down why the pipes are humming? I don't think so. So, I finally broke down and called a plumber, over coming my fears of a ginormous repair bill. The repair bill never did materialize, and the pipes learned to sing in under ten minutes (which included finding the problem!). I did not pay a single dime and when you turn on a faucet now, you hear.....water! I can't believe we lived with our humming pipes for three years!

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