Monday, May 19, 2008

Utah Beauty

As a spur of the moment thing, Mark and I decided to go hike up Rock Canyon one evening. So we packed up the dog and left. We had so much fun! Rock Canyon's Trailhead is only about a five minute drive from our house, Yet, I had never been more than a few hundred feet up the trail. I was amazed at beauty we found as well as the wide variety of activities. We saw people camping, backpacking, repelling, para gliding and rock climbing. Mark had to join in on the rock climbing. If you look close you can see his green shirt at the very, very top!

Mark even eventually convinced Mazie-dog to climb the rocks with him, we couldn't get her to look at the camera though!

We even explored a little shallow cave

We want to go back when we are a little bit more prepared, and do more rock climbing and playing!

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