Friday, May 9, 2008

Bah hum bug!

As I'm sure you can all see, I have been attempting to do Meal planning Mondays for the last few weeks. I think I am going to say Bah hum bug to the entire experiance! I would so much rather decide what to make on the fly, relying on a well stocked pantry to get me through! Plus, I have noticed that our meals tend to be healthier and better thought out when I make them with out a plan (go figure). I also like the flexibility of saying, "okay, we have leftover such and such, let's have this for dinner to usse it up." I think I am going to keep a list on the inside of my cupboard door (I hate things being stuck to the fridge!) that just states all the meals that we like to have. It just seems that there are always a few meals that we have rather infrequently, but really enjoy when we have them.

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