Friday, July 22, 2011

What do SAHWs do all day?

I had a most interesting trip to Walmart on Wednesday morning. It took me a wee bit of time to process what occurred, and it has been bother me ever since. We are currently a one car family because Mark hydroplaned and totaled his car and we haven't found a replacement yet. So on this particular morning, I dropped him off for his carpool, and headed out to grocery shop at 5:30 in the morning. Walmart, being the only place open was my destination. My shopping went fine until I got to the only open checkout line. There was one woman in front of me in line and no cashier in sight. As we waited, we started vaguely chatting, and I complimented her on her really awesome purse, and she told me about the business she owns. At that point she asked me what I do. I simply answered that I am a homemaker and full time student. Then the dreaded question came.....

"oh, How many children do have?"
Yikes! Awkward! However, it was no where near as bad as her follow up question when she found out we are childless.
"What on earth do you do all day?"
Which was then followed with...
"What a step backwards for the feminist movement!"

I walked away from that conversation feeling as though I am not good enough while "just" being a homemaker. Yesterday afternoon I did some real soul searching as to whether being a homemaker without children in the picture was a selfish act on my part, if I could contribute more if I worked outside the home. I will be honest, the extra income would be great if I had a job, many other things would fall apart. Mark works such long crazy hours, while also being a student, so there really is no way that he could help take up the slack. On top of that...isn't the feminist movement about having choices and options?

So in answer to your questions nosey-Walmart lady, I am proud to be the keeper of my home, a helpmate and a shelter from the storm. I refuse to let you make me feel ashamed!


C said...

I completely agree with you. I was "just a spouse" after we married and moved overseas, and I always resented that question. Honestly, I was busy all the time.

Plus, it's not like WalMart is a place for intellectual conversation ;)


AJ said...

Wow, I can't believe that woman. Your job (student,homemaker) is just as important as hers.

I'm just stopping in from ICLW!!

Anonymous said...

I stay home and admittedly am often bored out of my mind. With my husbands work schedule someone has to take care of the household stuff because day to day if we were both working it would never get done. People tend to go a bit easier on me because of my kids, but when they hear I have a nanny I get the same bs.

Isn't feminism all about supporting a woman in her CHOICES? I CHOSE to stay home in support of my family.

ICLW #69

Ordinary Girl said...

Good for you! What is wrong with people??? I spent a year being a homemaker without a baby as well. I wanted to tell anyone that asked that my infertility appointments were a full time job just to shut them up, but I never had the guts to.