Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So.....I saw my drug dealer today...

.....err, I mean I saw my fertility specialist today. As of today we are officially undergoing fertility treatments. So far its relatively painless. I take a few pills on a complicated schedule of progesterone here, clomid there and a little metformin thrown in in for good measure. Tomorrow I go in for a fasting blood draw and a glucose test (which I am already dreading!). Wish us luck!

I agonized over whether or not to reveal our treatments and what we are going through but a few things made me decide to blog about it. First, Dr. Get me Pregnant urged me to find a way to vent and connect with other people in the same situation and I'll admit I have been known to search out blogs about infertility. Secondly, DR. Get me Pregnant encouraged me to be open with friends ad family so that when I am in a hormone induced rage over who didn't put the cups on the table exactly three inches above the plate, they would forgive me. Lastly, I wanted, no, needed a place where I could vent, cry, rage and express my fears. Sometimes I tend to overwhelm Mark with the strength of my emotions, so having a place to work through them will be good for me.

So here is the breakdown of the good, the bad and the ugly of fertility treatments.
*the cost of fertility treatments has been surprisingly low so far. The prescriptions were only $70 or so and the appointment was about the same. This was even without insurance. Mark and I still have labs to do however.
*Dr. Get me Pregnant and his wife struggled with infertility for several years so he understands where I am coming from
*So far I have taken my first dose of progesterone and metformin and no hormone induced rages have occurred.
*I'm terrified of not getting pregnant
*I'm terrified of getting pregnant
*I have school to distract me


Heather said...

What a journey you and your Hubby are on right now. Will be praying for peace, support from loved ones and a positive outcome!

Keya said...

OMG you posted my first ever blog comment! haha i am thrilled beyond words :) What a lovely big family you have. I understand the financial aspect because of having been in school for so long. I wish you all the very best with your IF treatments. thanks for stopping by :)

Stefanie said...

I hope everything goes well with the IF treatment, and I hope your journey will be a short and positive one

Amber said...

Wishing you all sort of positive thoughts towards your IF journey. I totally understand you fear of not getting pregnant combined with a fear of getting pregnant. I worry that I won't become a mom, but also worry that I won't be a good mom!

And props to you for deciding to blog about IF. There are so many great people to connect with who are going through the same thing.

Crossed Fingers said...

I hope your journey ends with the reward you're after. I agree - sharing via the blog or with family & friends is such a huge weight off your shoulders. The girls in the T-TTC & IF community offer such great support and advice!

ICLW #115

Suzy said...

I think haveing a Dr that has personal experience is a real asset in this process. I hope it all goes smoothly for you :)

Sarah S said...

welcome to the IF blogging community, I have found it to be a great support!!!

In my real life I have only decided to tell a select few people what we are going through, I didn't want to answer the questions and i know people would be well meaning, but would get into my hair.

Good Luck with your journey, I hope it is a short one!!

Mrs. Unexpected said...

I hope the fertility treatments do the trick for you! I am just starting my first cycle on meds, too, and it is a scary place to be. Good luck!

Heather said...

Stopping by from ICLW. Sounds like you are off to the races. Fingers crossed that this one works for you.

Best wishes.