Monday, September 27, 2010

BBT charting

As most infertiles do, we are now charting Basal Body temperatures! Yay! Fun! No more sleeping in, no more staying up all night and no more avoiding waking up to a foreign object in my mouth. Mark Has been wonderful in the charting in that the alarm goes off, and he turns off the alarm, pops the thermometer in my mouth, waits for it and charts the results. I rarely even fully wake up during the process. However, this morning, Mark forgot to turn the thermometer on and as he reached to turn it on, I thought, in my mostly asleep state, that he was taking it away. So I let go, and so did he. I had no idea that I could almost swallow a thermometer whole! Anyone else have charting snafus?


Mrs. Unexpected said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with the charting! I think my most interesting charting mishaps have been knocking the thermometer under the bed. Yours definitely wins!

April said...

I stopped charting after the 3rd thermometer got eaten by the dog. I would forget to put it in the case and in my nightstand one morning and would come home to a mangled hunk of plastic in the evening. Good luck with your charting!