Friday, April 16, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes......

As much as I love my husband and my brother-in-law Martin, I often see them doing things at the dinner table that make me roll my eyes in disbelief. When they see this, they good naturedly tease me by saying "yes, Amy, we were raised in a barn". With it being something that we tease about back and forth, I wasn't too surprised when we when out to dinner with the Glanville family a few weeks ago and this happened:

Mark was sitting next to Jacob, who is six years old, and was trying to help him fill the time while we waited for our food. So Mark scrunched up his straw wrapper and dripped water on it to make it creep across the table. Then Jacob looks up at Mark and with utmost seriousness asks, "Is that something you learned when you lived in the barn?"

The look on the face of the waitress was priceless.

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