Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving is coming.....

Okay I know that this may sound silly, but this year will be the very first year of me making the Thanksgiving meal for company. It will just be Mark and I, my parents, baby brothers and my grandma, but I am really excited. I think that this year may be a little bittersweet because of the recent loss of my grandpa, so I will be trying to make everything a little bit brighter, a little bit more perfect. I am determined to not get too wrapped up in perfection though because the only thing it will do is stress me out! This will also be one of my last chances to spend time with my parents and little brothers before they move to Montana. They are leaving the day after Thanksgiving. AARRGGHHH! I'm starting to tear up just thinking about it! Wish me luck...and may your Thanksgiving be amazing as well!

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