Friday, October 19, 2012

This is huge!

We have a fairy Godfather!  A dear, sweet, amazing man decided to make our dreams come true.   He is providing the much needed funds for IVF.  Yikes!   Come January, we will be in full blown IVF mode.   I am speechless, and in absolute awe that someone would care enough to do this for us.   I guess all I can say is THANK YOU! 

That gives me roughly two and a half months to get as healthy as I can.   The goal is to lose twenty pounds and kick the soda habit.   It also means starting the metformin again!  I have been researching the best nutritional approaches to PCOS, so hopefully, I will succeed with my goal!


Katie said...

How awesome! good luck to you!

sass @ (In)fertility Unexplained said...

Congratulations! That is huge!

The Redhead said...

How exciting for you!! I too am going to be doing IVF in 2013. . . We have our IVF consult in Jan and have to do a bunch of stuff before our March/April start date! Looking forward to following your posts :)