Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rattlesnakes and More

What do you get when you add 5 adults, 5 children, 1 dog, 3 rattlesnakes, 5 miles and one river? An amazing hike to Diamond Fork Canyon's Hot springs! The going was slow and children were carried, dragged and cajoled into moving, but we had a ton of fun. The Glanvilles and Nathan are great for letting us talk them into such things! We only saw three little baby rattlesnakes, but it was enough to scare us, so I am not so sure we will visit that particular trail again.
The hot springs were great, even though the near by waterfall was really loud. Jacob was the only kid almost washed down the river, so that is always a plus. Mark fished him out with no harm done other than a missing swim shoe.
We made it home with tired kids that slept in the next morning, and life was good.

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