Wednesday, February 4, 2009

moving day!

No, we did not sell our house, it is actually off the market currently. However we still spent last weekend moving...sort of. We cleared out all our belongings from the basement, and condensed our upstairs belongs (thank heaven that we have a garage for storage!). Why might you ask? My BFF and her husband and five kids moved in. The g family has been good friends for over a decade so we are thrilled to have them. Space wise we are doing really well, a lot better than I expected. Since our dining area in the kitchen is so tiny, we converted our office upstairs to a dining room and I am really leaning towards permanently knocking out the wall in favor of that arrangement.
Having so many extra people in the house has been a little crazy as we have been adjusting, especially with Mark in school and me looking into starting a speciality program next month, but we love their kids so its been a blast so far!
A special shout out to Nathan and Kai for all the help!

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