Monday, October 20, 2008

Picture taking

This year, I am in charge of putting together the 2009 Carney Family Calendar, and as such I have been collecting pictures of all the extended family for the photo collages. This made me realize that Mark and I had almost no pictures that were less than a year old. Also we had almost no pictures of us together that were less than about three years old. So off we went up Rock Canyon with our broken camera in the hopes of taking some pictures. Now our camera's screen is broken and we soon discovered that it is very difficult to take a picture with no screen, and without a viewfinder. So we just took a whole bunch of shots in the hopes that at least a few would not have our heads chopped off. Also, we were pet sitting my parents' dog bear, so the picture taker was also holding two leashes while we tried to get a good picture. Even with all those challenges though, I think we got a few fun ones.

Here's Mark being drug down the trail by Mazie...

We tried a few with the camera timer, but this is the only one that even slightly turned out

Surpriseingly, we managed to get one of Mazie in between her hiding from the camera.

We walked back down as the sun was just barely starting to set and had a great view of the lake..far off in the distance.

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